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January 26, 2011


Mun Chan

I am speechless...what can i say that have not been said. It is good to be aware of these facts, but what is the point of discussing? Besides, America is not the only country that is facing difficulties. There are problems in other countries too. I agree with your suggestion of taking over the Green Market, and hope that can become a reality, but I think more important than that is the Awakening of human kind. All problems will vanish if human can simply be Awakened to the fact that we are ALL ONE with Mother Earth and the Universe. That is exactly what I am working towards is my own awakening, and when there is enough of us who awake to this Realization, we will reach the tipping point. So all you beautiful soul out there, WE CAN DO THIS!

Raw Chef Dan

Think we can totally take over the Green market. The US has a jump on this from way back in the 70s. We could become the worlds leading manufacturer of Solar Collector panels for home and industry. We could become the world leader in alternative energy equipment. We could become the worlds leading manufacturer of Electric cars, we have the factories already... Lets get off our asses and become the country that saved the world and get rich doing it.

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