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March 17, 2011



Lisa: I lived in Maui for 4 years and my entire family came down with very bad heavy metal poisoning. My baby that was born there in Wailuku was diagnosed with severe accumulated lead poisoning in her blood at her 10-month-old check up. There is a higher percentage of the young that are also epileptic or autistic because of high mercury and ammonia chloride poisoning from the fields being sprayed and set on fire. Moving away from the bad water pipes and getting the city to repair old water mains downtown saved lives. Horseradish root and a de-sulphur tank was what I used in West Virginia when our groundwater caught fire and the oil drillers poured salt water into the spring source (a large underground lake). The cows were dropping dead from drinking from the spring, and the same government office (EPA) also ran the corporate office for the oil company that owned the main natural gas pipelines. So nothing was done. Except the vet was told to stay away from treating animals in the area, the framers were given forms to get payment for their loss (at a severe penalty) and the people were told to drink bottled water.


Adya Clarity would do wonders for you.
Check with Matt and Angela at the raw food world. I have an affiliate link for this but can't bother now to find it. Just go to


Thank you for posting. I am a little confused since I am allergic to sulfur and have had two tumors removed from my thyroid in two different surgeries. I am currently battling with detoxing black mold exposure which almost killed me even though most people find that very unlikely. Living in Hawaii, I feel we are so vulnerable. I have already been adding the chlorella and spirulina to our diets however the local health food store was out of Zeolite. What else do you recommend I try to pick up?
Mahalo, from a concerned mom.

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